Hi, my name is  Alison. I am a mother of two  children  and a full-time  entrepreneur. 

I was born and brought up in  New York (U.S.A).  I am a  teacher by profession,  but I have worked as a waitress, secretary, and nanny, and some other jobs as well.

I started my career as a  teacher by profession  in 2016, and in 2018 when I gave birth to a  beautiful baby boy,  I understood how important motherhood and Parenting is.

So I started observing little things as a Mother, finally found that child Development is one hell of a task, and began to read and write about motherhood and Parenting. At that moment, I  became obsessed with the  art of writing  and how it can change people’s lives,

so I chose article writing as a  full-time job. 

I have written many articles on different topics like  pregnancy problems, Children’s behavior,  and their needs. I have also written some blog on  Diy Methods  additionally many other Blogs which can be helpful for the parents.

But this Blog by far is the best product I wrote about Parenting because it involves my  personal experiences . I was desperately searching for the right ways, or you can say the most effective ways to build up your  child’s confidence  and  physical health, So Pikler Triangle comes into action. 

I was immediately hooked up with the Pikler as it is one of the  best toys  to teach your child something new and exciting, which will help them  mentally  and  physically . It will give them the confidence to try new things independent of their parents.

So I hope this blog will help you understand Parenting because the  sole purpose  of this Blog is to give you some ideas to deal with your  little ones.